Dangers of Overfishing

Dangers of Overfishing

Most countries recognized that driftnets harm too many marine species to remain an acceptable form of fishing. The United Nations tried to ban driftnets in 1989 starting in the south Pacific. By 1991 the destructive fishing method was evaluated & by 1992 the UN made a moratorium on high seas driftnets allowing 1 mile of net to be legal.

Albacore Trollers were NOT in agreement to a moratorium! We want & need a clean fishery. We need a total BAN on driftnets on the High Seas or in International Waters.

Driftnets sound relatively harmless as a fishing method. But as any marine biologist will tell you, this gear threatens ocean wildlife.

Held on the sea’s surface or just below with floating devices, driftnets can be miles long. Depending on the size of the mesh, they can entangle anything that happens to swim nearby, including sea turtles, whales, swordfish, and tuna.