Sustainable Tuna Is

Sustainable Tuna Is

Sustainable Tuna Is sustainably caught tuna.

The certified (MSC)  "pole and troll" method of fishing, using Lures (Jigs) or bait. Hook and line is fine. Giving fish a choice. Sustainable tuna fishing migrates with the fish keeping or oceans flowing freely with no by catch.

Sustainable is a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

Unfortunately, we are not the method of choice by some countries and tuna industries. There is a very destructive and even illegal method known as drift net fishing that competes for the same stocks of fish. Thus depleting the Sustainable method and overfishing the ocean. 

Awareness: Educate the public that High Seas driftnet vessels are still fishing. They never stopped. Most people think we got rid of driftnets years ago. Not True!!

Action: Give the public a choice to buy Sustainable Tuna Fish. Provide a Sustainable alternative that may not be available in your stores, or area.

More Action: Have the public sign a Petition, to be sent to Congressmen, and the United Nations.

Future: Supply 1-3 fishing boats to monitor the fishing grounds. Also to be used to teach foreign countries a sustainable method of tuna fishing, and to further Ocean Life research.